Our objective at CALI is to break the barriers that money creates to enhance the standard of living for the uninsured and the unbanked.

We are committed to transforming the lives of families by building financial and social bridges. We want to be a part of stories of hope, help establish reliability during uncertain times, and enable people to build financial resilience.

How we are different
CALI understands the limitations of the life insurance industry in its current structure, where providing low sum assured to the underserved segment is not economical.

Unique & Differentiated Approach

  • Insurance platform for groups / establishments to on-board existing members.
  • Our products have smaller sums assured to keep underwriting processes minimal and simplify the customer journey.
  • We will leverage partners’ framework, including the trust and processes, already in place, which will make the claim settlement process seamless.
  • Fast onboarding and complete support.
  • Technology and data-driven insights to constantly innovate, customize and improve our solutions as well as fine-tune your existing frameworks
  • A tech stack that is geared to seamlessly integrate with diverse platforms through APIs.
  • Our solutions are tailored towards our group members who find access to traditional insurance products difficult due to their uncertain cash flows and unstable earnings.
  • Faster claim-settlement ensuring financial assistance with parallel documentation.